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Hi, I’m Salma a creative copywriter, and a book enthusiast.

Exploring the Pulse of Creative Culture, the Business of Imagination, and the Craft of Storytelling .

Salma Derkaoui (@salma) is an indoor, blogger, copywriter, and storyteller from Ouarzazate in south Morocco. I'll be your guide through the world of books, fiction, and romance. Crafting stories is my passion, and so is telling you about other people's stories. I am a storyteller, an avid reader, and I will bring you your best book of the year right to your hands! Be Safe...

My latest writing

The stories we read influence the stories we tell ourselves.

                        Bookstagram: The Line Between Reality and Ficttion


Bookstagram: The Line Between Reality and Fiction

As you can probably tell from the title, I will be talking about Bookstagram, not Instagram, but Bookstagram…


2024 Bookish List: My January books

As per usual, new year new me, bla bla bla… But this year I decided; I like myself the way I a. So, it’s a New Year new books... And who doesn’t love those?


How to get out of a reading slump

I have been suffering from this for a long time, just like many of us. This matter made me doubtful; whether I am capable of calling myself an avid reader, or if am I just a hypocrite.


Indigo Eyes: A dive into the enchanting world of Maeve Hazel

Indigo Eyes by Maeve Hazel is probably the reason I will stop reading books that I have no idea about firsthand.

What I'm offering

An avid reader giving feedback in every way that will make others as obsessed as I am! Talking non-stop about lovely, mouth watering books in my blog and being a fan-girl to all my romance writers out there...


Beta reader

Giving constructive criticism, and meaningful feedback to authors regarding their yet to be published books, helping them view their work from another perspective. A reader's perspective!


Book promo and reviews

Writing blog posts reviewing some of the best books there is and giving reviews on Instagram, Booktok and Goodreads.


Creative Copywriter

Providing witty one-liners, creative ads ideas for various websites such as Instagram, Facebook, BookBub...

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I’m always looking to start new conversations. To kick off a new project, enquire about a service or to simply just get in touch, please use my contact details below.

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