Nov 15, 2020

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How to be happy

How to be happy


This year has been the hardest year that most of us gone through, so people started feeling a bit sad, bored, and maybe depressed...but let me tell you that all of this can go away, only if you learned how to make yourself happy no matter the circumstances you are living in, or going through!!

Today, I came to tell you how I keep myself positive most of the time...

The first thing is that I try to be careless about what people think of me, especially that we are sitting in our houses scrolling and spending the majority of our time on social media!! So it can be really helpful if you just ignored people who make you feel bad about yourselves...

Secondly, I try to help as much as people I can, and it feels good to be the one who brings joy to someone, and just help without asking for anything...There are many ways to help people during these hard times...just a good word, a smile, or helping via charities can be amazing to make you feel happy by making others happy!!

Thirdly, keep yourself busy chasing your dreams and hopes of being a better person; because only then you won't have enough time to waste doing Sally things or thinking about stuff!!!

Also, you should find passion in things you are doing so that that you're not bored after a while, so be passionate about thing you are learning from school or online course, and maybe some music writing and singing!!! What matters is that you are in love with what you do, and that is something that can bring you tremendous happiness!!!

In addition, what makes you not happy for others' achievements really?! It's the most amazing thing you can do to someone and yourself, just be happy for others and don't envy them for having stuff that perhaps they don't have control over!!

Lastly, being humble, kind, and gentle give you the best feeling in the will bring inner peace, satisfaction about yourself, your life, and other people....

These are some pieces of advice I can give to people in order to be happy and not think of negative things...

keep your life colerful even in the darkest times!!!!

Stay Safe..

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