Nov 16, 2021

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Love yourself...

Love yourself

Hello, today I wanted to write about self-love, and how that can affect a person inside and out.

To love yourself, you need to be confident, but what if you weren't that much of a confident person? Should you hate yourself forever? Of course no!! You deserve the best, so you must go for it!!

Let's start with something simple; how about actually start looking at yourself every single morning in the mirror? Yeah, I guess that will help!! After that, try to say positive affirmations to yourself every morning, then create a small space for yourself that no one else knows about... Perhaps, you would be interested in finding things that you actually enjoy doing!! it can be something very simple like watching the birds the first thing in the morning, probably watching the sunset all alone, or just have a delicious meal with your thoughts at your favorite place!!! It sounds like a great idea, don't you think?

Loving yourself is not always being satisfied with yourself in your best days, it also can pop out at your darkest days; when you actually don't let people or problems control you, and make choices of your own!!

You should start ignoring negative people or social media influencers that will influence you badly... maybe create healthy social media accounts that are full of positive, lovely, friendly people and subjects...

Loving yourself means to be pleased with the way you live, and be good at what are you doing, whether it's work or personal life... Always be grateful for what you have and aspire to have more, but never be greedy, because that will destroy you soon or later!!!

If you want to be confident you have to love yourself, but if you want to love yourself you must accept who you are first!! see what's the difference? It sounds really scary to tell someone to love himself or be confident, it's hard for him to see and hear a confident, well put together person to advise him !!! That will make it hard for him, and maybe make him feel more insecure, and terrified!!!

So, next time you hear someone tells you to love yourself and be confident, remember this post...

Stay Safe...

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