Oct 6, 2021

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Re-introducing myself... As an adult!

Re-introducing myself... As an adult!

Hi, as you can probably tell from the title, I am expected to introduce myself in a way that would make me look like an adult and not as the teenager I used to be.

I believe that every person grows old with every new experience; new people, new cultures, as well as the feelings, invading us for the very first time... I believe that every person we counterface teaches us a lesson, either a bad one or a good one. We grow old when we realize that life is just a journey. When we gain the courage to see life as it really is; a quick stop; yet, ironically that makes people running towards success, wealth, and other things that they think it's more important...

Since our personality gets structured within every lesson we learn through unfortunate experiences because it's the hard time that shapes our true selves, I rather give this advice; make mistakes, don't regret your bad experiences with other people, don't feel bad about things you did that sounded right once before...Even at 19 years old I tend to live my life by this mentality of no regrets, I just assess things in my mind, if it sounded okay in the long term then it's the right thing to do for sure. These pieces of advice I've given helped me this past three years to live by my own rules, and according to others'...

I always like to make decisions with both my heart and my brain, because for me it's okay to be sensitive, it's okay to be vulnerable, indecisive sometimes and confused a bit... Because after all, it's all part of being human!


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