Jul 24, 2022

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Best planning method

Best planning method

Hello dear readers, today I am going to talk about my personal experience with planning my days...

First step:

I write my daily check questions list; which I learned from a YouTube channel called @pick up limes, the questions are:

1- what am I thinking?

2- What are my feelings? (emotionally)

3- What are my feelings? (physically)

4- What are my intentions for the day? ( I write two major intentions)

5- What am I grateful for today?'( I write down two things)

6- What can increase my happiness for today? ( It's usually coffee LOOL)

Second step:

I try to write my To-Do List the night before, just to make sure that I won't get distracted the next day!!

Third step:

I try not to follow the things on my list by order, so I can be more relaxed, and open to the changes of plans...

Forth step:

I never force myself to fill my daily check-in in the morning, because it's kind of up to you; if you are feeling like writing about your thoughts either in the morning or at night!!

So this is my method of planning every day ahead, I don't like to search for perfection in my life, but I'm just trying to find time to do things I have to do and things I love doing... So keep in mind that every planning process always depends on your own life circumstances, and feelings!!

Stay Safe...

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