Jul 24, 2022

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who are we?

who are we?

When we were kids, they were telling us that our identity is based on our nationality, our name, and our age.

But let me say something we are not what they say!! NO ONE can define us based on superficial standards "shape/eye color/length/family background..." we are not items that need to be controlled, we are human beings with imperfections with beauty inside of us, we have rights and duties, we can be right or wrong, we have feelings, we don't deserve to be treated like people with no pride, dignity, or honor, others should understand that each and every one of us is different, whether they like it or not. We have different thoughts, perspectives, principles, and rules that we live according to.

Stop forcing people to be the same, sometimes it's good to find a person who doesn't agree with you at all things, it's incredible to find someone who can tell you new things about different topics!!!

Do you know who are we?

We are the people who care too much, who love too much, who get used to others too much, and believe that everyone is loyal. But trust me, no one is. Yet, we are gorgeous, beautiful, and amazing!

Stay safe...

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