Aug 15, 2022

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Book review: The twisted series: Book 1 By Ana Huang

Book review:The twisted series: Book 1 By Ana Huang

If you wanted,

I would burn down the world for you.”

The twisted series is one of my absolute favourite series of all time…

Written by Ana Huang, a series of four books, starting with twisted love and ending with twisted lies. The series displays four couples where the female characters are best friends, with a splendid relationship, and fondness, love and care for each other’s well being.

Alex Volkov and Ava Chen are the first couple, of the first book, with a brother’s best friend trope which is one of the best tropes EVER!

And please, the plot twists are to die for...

The writing was, of course, as smooth as ever, I was able to picture every scene and live through it.The plot itself was interesting and thrilling, kept me on my toes the whole time until I finished the book. I woud say, in my opinion, that this is definitely a book that you can read and never get bored of!

The love Alex have towards Ava was so strong, that he literally changed for her and became so much more than just a grumpy, morally grey billionaire, he cared for her much more than he ever cared for his own life, and showed indeed that he would rather make the hardest choice than lose her!

As for Ava, she is the sweetest there is. Her love and commitment to Alex is unbelievable, and heartwarming. Although she struggled so much at the hands of those who claimed to love her, especially in her childhood, she was able to find her way to Alex and love him with all her being!

Ana Huang, is definitely an author I would rely on to stock my bookshelf!

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