Aug 31, 2022

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Book review: the twisted series: book 2 by Ana Huang

Book review: the twisted series: book 2 by Ana Huang

Twisted games, the 2nd book of the twisted series, a double doze of romance, royalty vibes and hotness.

Needless to say it is also a favourite, the writing is refreshing, the ideas and the plot events were so exciting and heartwarming. Ana Huang, the author of the series did a great job at discriptions; either of physical appearances or emotions, and let’s not forget the setting…

The love, the desire, the heat, the will to portect and possess stronger as ever.. Rhys has a clear attraction towards Bridget even though it is not allowed, considering he is her bodyguard and her as the Princess of Eldora!

Her desire for freedom, has her traveling to the U.S to finish her studies where she meets her best friends, but then she gets a new bodyguard assigned after the old one went on a paternity leave. The new guard only being Rhys Larson, the former badass soldier.. The grumpiest man, and the most attractive!

They start on the wrong foot, always arguing and fighting, but as she gets back to Eldora to find herself about to face a shocking news about her future, only to find Rhys supporting her every move and loving her protectively along the way…

Defeating all challenges seems to be the main idea of the book in my humble opinion, and it’s a great lesson to learn, in order to grow and “rule” our lives, just like Bridget is ruling her own life alongside the right person…

Twisted games is more than a romance novel, in fact all romance novels have a purpose behind the spicey scenes and the guiddy and chearful lines and love quotes, you just need to be a good perceptive reader and read between the lines!

Stay Safe..

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