Sep 23, 2022

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Book review: The Twisted series: book 3 by Ana Huang

Book review: The Twisted series: book by Ana Huang

Twisted hate is the 3rd book of the infamous Twisted series, written by Ana Huang.

Now the characters are Ava’s older brother Josh and her best friend Jules. These two have a history of loathing each other’s guts, no love is lost between them. However, they keep themselves relatively civilized for Ava’s sake. The beef was created due to Josh's overprotectiveness of his baby sister and Jules’s wrong first impression as well as her party loving, reckless and free spirit..

Jules is running from a dark past, and Josh is constantly haunted by his own. Each one is fleeting from their own demons and hiding behind the brilliant doctor and the badass lawyer masks…

The relashonship between the two will quickly turn from hate to lust in a span of few days, the heat will win, the sin will take place, but the friendship has no part in their arrangement.. They are now _as they like to call it: enemies with benefits!

The writing in this series as discussed beforehand is great; cohesive, understandable, and the events are easy to envision within a few minutes of reading…

And for those who love the spice; here’s a flash news: Twisted Hate was recently labeled the spiciest book in the whole series! I guess you’re in for one hell of a ride then.

Stay Safe...

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