Nov 29, 2023

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Indigo Eyes: A dive into the enchanting world of Maeve Hazel

Indigo Eyes by Maeve Hazel

Indigo Eyes by Maeve Hazel is probably the reason I will stop reading books that I have no idea about firsthand.

This book was so AMAZING, to the point where I felt actual physical pain trying to read it again, but I will get to it eventually because it’s just THAT good!

I started reading Indigo Eyes because of its aesthetics that I saw on social media, and that’s it! I’m a reader who loves to get a few spoilers here and there to set the tone and the mood to read. But oh no, I decided I wouldn’t do that this time around.

Indigo Eyes by Maeve Hazel

The actual process of reading involved an extreme amount of ice cream and tissue paper…

At the beginning of the book, I was so confused. However, I had to tread carefully, and make sure that I read every single line of the book. It proved itself to be very difficult because many times I had to pause, go take a break, or go cry!

I usually cried myself to sleep after a few chapters every single time…

The book’s setting was perfect. It is truly unique because the setting placement went along as the story evolved… I didn’t get to know where exactly she lived until a few chapters later on… The decoration of the house was very much a vital element in analyzing and visualizing the character of Indigo herself! Hence, there was a lot of anticipation and excitement to dive into the book.

The main male character, Elias, was something that we book girls call ‘Boyfriend Material’, his care for Indigo, and the way he dealt with her self-conflict, really left us with yet another set of high standards.

I needed to know his way of dealing with such difficult character as Indigo, so I kept straining for his point of view to know exactly what happened, and how he solved the hardships that life throws at him!

On another note, I believe that I found the ultimate secondary character, and the purest as well. Liv is a character that deserves a lot more attention than’s been given to her, which is basically none existent! Her role in this story really made a huge difference even while inching toward the end of the book!!

The writing style was amazing, and the book was simply one of the best romances there is to read for a cozy Fall/Winter read… I highly recommend it, and urge everyone to give Indigo eyes by Maeve Hazel a try…

Ps. Bring your ice cream ladies!

Stay Safe…

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