Dec 29, 2023

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How to get out of a reading slump

How to get out of a reading slump

I have been suffering from this for a long time, just like many of us. This matter made me doubtful; whether I am capable of calling myself an avid reader, or if am I just a hypocrite.

So I quit reading for a while, but here is how I was quickly able to get through it every time I fall into a reading slump:

How to get out of a reading slump

  1. Watch as many bookish aesthetic videos as you can: It works for many of us who love the visuals of an aesthetically pleasing mood board… Works like a charm!
  2. Be more lenient on yourself because it's normal to fall into such a state: Just relax, lay back, and maybe try to enjoy this period... Distract yourself with other hobbies, and connect with the real world (the real world sucks… but let’s make do shall we?)
  3. Occupy yourself with things to do when in your reading slump! As I said, lay back and occupy yourself with other hobbies; go for walks, watch your favorite series again… Maybe give your ex another chance… Just kidding, that’s never a good idea. Abort!
  4. Choose your first read after a reading slump very carefully, choose something that piques your interest, so you can be able to finish it: It’s like choosing a lifelong partner (it is just that in a way! that fictional boyfriend is going to be your go-to when needing an escape… Choose him as you’ll never choose your love interest in real life… Don’t make me say I told you so)
  5. Talk about it more with friends on Booktok and Bookstagram. Book communities on social media can be f great help, be more active over there.. Talk to bookstagrammers, book lovers, authors, etc…Or just your friends and family; even if they know nothing about what you're talking about, that’s not the point. The point is to let your thoughts wander to your old readings, that spark can be ignited once more after realizing, once more, that the real world sucks, and fictional worlds are the best! (People who deem A Little Life their favorite book… Not talking about you!)
  6. Post more aesthetic photos of your setup, and get more setup inspiration from Pinterest: that App is MAGIC!
  7. Try engaging with authors and searching for book recommendations on Instagram and TikTok... it'll help trust me!
  8. Choose according to your mood, never force a book on yourself at this point, just go with the flow. I don’t know about your intuition… But just go with it... Unless your intuition is shit. Stop right there!!!!!!
  9. Don't pay attention to your TBR when you're getting out of your reading slump. We all know you have a hell of a lot more books than you will ever read there anyway…
  10. Make edits about books yourself so you can feel like you're actively bringing the characters you're reading about to life (it'll give you extra motivation to read more books)

I hope I helped ease that anxiety of yours… Reading is fun. Keep it that way!

Satay Safe…

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