Jan 24, 2024

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Bookstagram: The Line Between Reality and Fiction

Bookstagram: The Line Between Reality and Ficttion

As you can probably tell from the title, I will be talking about Bookstagram, not Instagram, but Bookstagram…

See, Bookstagram is like a secret club that is not so secret. The whole world, well, most of the world, knows about it, but only those hard-core book addicts are the ones permitted to be interred.

(I can see you there lurking Biketok)

We’re fans of fiction, and our celebrities are authors.

It is, however, the most competitive place I’ve ever been allowed into. And that is so frustrating sometimes considering we all create roughly the same bookish content.

Bokokstagram has been my whole personality since 2019, and it’s 2022 when I stopped being a reader and started being a Bookstagram reader. Meaning, that I am now reading, engaging with bookish friends, creating content related to books, and actively talking to authors.

I have no idea when did reading become a competition, and I know a lot of influencers say “oh it shouldn’t be a competition, and it shouldn’t matter who you’re engaging with, and reading books for…” Well, let me break it to you... IT MATTERS!

I hate that aspect of Bookstagram, that it was turned into business more than reading to connect, relate, and reflect…

I love Bookstagram, I really do, but these made me question the point of it all.

Do I want to continue down the path of reading and speeding through books? Do I want to make a career out of it? Or do I only stick to reading for fun, and seek another place for my business ideas?

Okay ‘Business ideas’ was kinda dramatic.. But as the great Conan (The singer not the detective) said: why be logical when you can be dramatic…

See the whole point of this post is to show you that no matter what the literary giants of Booksta say.. Between us readers, it will always be a competition.. I can hear it in their voice when you ask for advice, sometimes even hypocrity.. But then again, where can you NOT find those traits?

The business aspect of Bookstagram/ Booktok is fire… You will get scorned before you even smell the smoke.. It’s a forest where you need to be strong enough for rejection, rude comments, feedbacks that are stinky with entitlement, people who would e warry of you and never talk to you normally, but as a SPY coming to hijack their clients merely by saying hi!

I’m not saying this space is not great… I’ve met AMAZING people in this space, be it authors or Bookstagrammers, PR Agencies, and book lovers…

I think, all we need to know at this point, and from this whole crazy post is that Book People will always be competitive; even with themselves, it’s engraved in us… And book PR Agencies and Publishers will always be picky… Looking for perfection that can’t be reached.. But still, we love them, support them, and try to look the other way on our annoyances with them, because like I said , they are our celebreties…

Our own LA LA LAND...

Saty Safe…

Note: Shipping prices suck!!!


Now I’m happy…

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Bookstagram: The Line Between Reality and Fiction

As you can probably tell from the title, I will be talking about Bookstagram, not Instagram, but Bookstagram…


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