Mar 2, 2024

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Swoon Worthy Romance: An Author Interview with Trinity Lemm on The Puck Arrangment

Swoon Worthy Romance: An Author Interview with Trinity Lemm on The Puck Arrangment

Sports Romance is a very hot and bothered side of the Romance books industry that most of us love because of the brilliance of an author making the FMC wear the MMC's number and name plastered on the back of their jersey..

I am not saying it is a bad thing. Is it cheesy? Sure. Is it possessive? Damn straight! Do we love it and eat it up every second of every day? 100% true!

Now on to the point of this post, I want to, firstly, congratulate this author on the release of her book, which I made a fuss about and loved every second of, a book that gave me butterflies every page at a time... and a book that made my standards yet another notch higher, and maybe it made me feel a bit motivated to do my morning and evening walks from time to time again...

Trinity Lemm is the brilliant author of the swoon-worthy, the sports romance expert, and the one who writes the most mouth-watering spicey scenes between the MCs, and some side characters... you'll have to read to find out what I'm babbling about here; The Puck Arrangement.

I had the necessary courage back in January to ask Trinity for an interview and got a response in a matter of days welcoming my proposal with open arms... I made up my mind that we are besties after a few talking sessions through our DMs... I'm delulu like that...

I made sure to ask the right questions and to cure my curiosity as well (even though they say it is what killed the cat... well, you can take your saying back. I don't own a cat..)

Trinity, the ultimate picture of kindness and spontaniousness... made the answers to my questions straight to the point... which we all love.

So here it goes:

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? And what got you into writing?

I graduated from Western Michigan University last spring and currently have a day job doing digital marketing at a nonprofit organization. I’ve always enjoyed writing ever since I was young. As a teen, I wrote a lot of poetry. When I got to college, I was struggling with my mental health after being diagnosed with Complex PTSD. I turned to writing to get out of my own world, and I haven’t looked back!

  • How did you feel you feel after this and every book release? After it's all said and done (or more accurately written & done)?

Every book release is special and fulfilling. So much of my heart goes into every book, and it’s so rewarding when I

finally have the chance to see the book in the reader’s hands!

  • Where did the inspiration for your TPA characters come from?

For The Puck Arrangement, the characters aren’t based on anyone. Mostly, they’re all completely fictional, so it took some extra time for me to get to know them well.

  • How much does it take for you to gain a plot idea? Or to finish plotting certain books?

I have a journal full of plot ideas and premises that I’ve thought of over the years, so a lot of the materials/ideas that I need to start a new book are already there.

  • Would you be open to writing other tropes?

I’ll be sticking to the romance genre for a while, but I’m open to writing other tropes. I have a few future projects planned with a variety of tropes!

  • Are you a writer who gives much attention to negative or positive comments? Or are you indifferent to both?

Quite honestly, I’m still learning to get better at taking harsh comments and criticism. I try to focus on the fact that most negative comments have more to do with someone’s opinion of the story rather than something wrong with my writing. I read positive reviews, though, because they are super encouraging, and having the support of my readers means the world to me.

  • How do you feel about the Bookstagram community?

I love the Bookstagram community! I’ve met some amazing people and have formed incredible

friendships. This community is so supportive and I’m thankful to be part of it.

  • Are there any book signings coming up next in the 2024 agenda?

I have a local signing in Michigan in March. Other than that, I’m hoping to add some signings later on this


  • How do you perceive this year to be as a writer and a person?

I think every writer’s dream would be to see their book(s) succeed in one way or another. I’m hoping to reach some new milestones this year in my career and to continue growing into a better writer and person as each day of 2024 goes by.

And that was the end of this incredible interview. I was extremely excited to have these answers and have the opportunity to get to know Trininy far better.

Today is the release day of The Puck Arrangement, a true swoon-worthy hockey romance where the MCs are everything sweet, and the side characters are all things opposite them… Naughty being the key word for them…

Stay Safe...

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Swoon Worthy Romance: An Author Interview with Trinity Lemm on The Puck Arrangment

Sports Romance is a very hot and bothered side of the Romance books industry that most of us love because of the brilliance of an author making the FMC wear the MMC's Number and name plastered on the back of their jersey...


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